Well, here we are, one year older but not wiser. Thanks everyone for visiting throughout the year. Your support means something. I just haven’t figured out what yet. Of course, my pleas for photos largely went unnoticed; save for about 2 people, and I’ve never had anyone else try to write for the site, aside from threats from family members looking for revenge. At some point I’d also like to put an online store up at some point, once I find something to sell apart from lint, which is about all I own. Anyway, thanks for listening and I hope you all enjoy the site. I’m much busier these days, so obviously my tale-telling abilities need some fibre, but I still try to keep the hilarity coming when I can. Thanks again everyone. Now for some boring stats for you:

After over 13,000 visits, the most popular tales, in order, are:

McDonalds Comes to Bolivia

John & Walter


My Brother Breaks His Arm

International Schooling

And this graph shows you where you all come from (in case you get lost.) I have many more exciting statistics, but they’re all pretty boring.

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