Hi, I’m Ardin and I started MK Tales in April, 2010. I held the belief that the dozens of stories rattling around in my skull would be better off shared with the world. At least once they were out I could finally get some sleep. I spent more than 7 of the best years of my life in Bolivia, South America, where my parents were missionary teachers. Missionary Kids have some of the greatest upbringings around. They also share a lot of problems other kids never have growing up. For those of you that loved the experience, I hope the site helps you reminisce, and cherish the memories. For everyone else, the pros certainly outweigh the cons! I’ve tried to stick to a very broad interpretation of truth in all of my stories and protect those involved by only using First Names. This site is fairly irreverent and has the potential to offend; just like anything in the public sphere. I’d ask readers to remember I loved Bolivia and I loved my childhood. I have many dear memories, and many many dear friends from my time there. Also keep in mind that about 0% research is done on anything written here, and most of the content comes from distorted, foggy memories. Most of the stuff mentioned actually happened; the internet just tends to spruce things up a little.  =)

And of course, if you’re an ex-MK with a sense of humour, why not write for us?