Well, as you may have noticed, the site looks completely different now. I felt the old design was a little cluttered, and I wanted to bring the focus back to the content, so…

Photo of the Day, which has been very popular, now shows up in the slideshow on the homepage.

The logo has been simplified.

All the tales have cute little previews pics.

The Photo of the Week is now much easier to organise and browse.

Although, because of this, all the POTW comments are lost. I’ll try and migrate them at some point.

I’ve taken the ads off! Mostly, because they made everything feel cheap. This is an accurate description. The site made a massive $8.67 on advertising in the year it’s been running. So, the ads are scrapped. Maybe one day they’ll come back, but for now they’re gone.

All in all, the site should be easier to read, cleaner, softer on the eyes, and more enjoyable.

Well... New Design: Yay or Nay?

  • Like it, but miss the Indy style logo that reminded me of when I fought Nazis myself. (50%)
  • AMAZING! It's like the Dolche & Gabbana of website design, without the pricetag and chinese knock-offs. (25%)
  • OK, but preferred the old design, with its busy look and hard-to-read style. (25%)
  • Hate it. You've ruined my life. (0%)

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