Site Re-Design

Well, as you may have noticed, the site looks completely different now. I felt the old design was a little cluttered, and I wanted to bring the focus back to the content, so… Photo of the Day, which has been very popular, now shows up in the slideshow on the homepage.

1 Year Old!

Well, here we are, one year older but not wiser. Thanks everyone for visiting throughout the year. Your support means something. I just haven’t figured out what yet. Of course, my pleas for photos largely went unnoticed; save for about 2 people, and I’ve never had anyone else try to write for the site, aside from threats from family members looking for revenge.

Site Update #2

I know everyone thinks these are boring and none of you read them, but Site Updates are my way of getting amongst the people, coming down from the magical writing place and answering all your questions. Of which there are always zero. Moving along…
  • The best part of writing for the site are the amazing comments I get each and every week.

Site News

So much has happened in the past month it’s incredible! OK, well, not heaps really, if I’m honest, however…
  • I added a site logo, since the text before was kind of boring. One day I’ll get some mugs made. Sorry that we lost the random subtitles, but you idiots couldn’t vote for a single tagline you liked, and I couldn’t do both the rotating taglines and the logo at once or the mice running the wheel in the server would go on strike and I’d have to use imported cheese to get them back.