At the moment, the site has rotating taglines, (the text below the title) which I made up while over-tired one night. If we were to go to something more permanent, like a logo image, which would be your favourite? If they all suck, stick ideas in the comments.

Site Taglines

  • Leave it as is. I like living on the edge, my taglines rotating in the breeze. (57%)
  • Cheaper than Psych Sessions (14%)
  • Great. I'm an Acronym (14%)
  • Like Puking. Feels so much better when you get it out (14%)
  • Missionary Kids on the Loose (0%)
  • It's hilarious to think we're still sane (0%)
  • The lighter side of being a Missionary Kid (0%)
  • When I grow up I want to be a Missionary Kid (0%)
  • One day we'll even be able to vote. (0%)
  • These all suck. I'm adding mine in the comments. (0%)

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