McDonald’s comes to Bolivia. Leaves.

For a short period before returning home to Australia, I was part of Cochabamba’s Mac Club. I’m not proud of it. For those with social lives, girlfriends and healthy tans from time spent outdoors, it was in fact a club for Apple Macintosh enthusiasts. I felt sorry for any Windows clubs around town, because they must have been so NERDY.

Site News

So much has happened in the past month it’s incredible! OK, well, not heaps really, if I’m honest, however…
  • I added a site logo, since the text before was kind of boring. One day I’ll get some mugs made. Sorry that we lost the random subtitles, but you idiots couldn’t vote for a single tagline you liked, and I couldn’t do both the rotating taglines and the logo at once or the mice running the wheel in the server would go on strike and I’d have to use imported cheese to get them back.

Culture Chocolát

See what I did with the title there? Comedic Genius. And that’s probably the last french reference you’ll see on this site. Ever. Even though the French have given the world so much, like the invention of arrogance and their ironic obsession with eating small slimy creatures that really belong under logs.

The Hardy Boys and other Adventurers

Obviously I had no real friends when we first moved to Cochabamba. This predicament lingered for a while, so I spent a lot of time in the school library like a nerd loser. In the first month, I’d read every single Hardy Boys novel they had, sometimes churning through 2 a day.

Community: Spanish 101

I love the NBC Show Community. It has a certain something ex-MKs can relate to. Here Troy & Abed practice their Spanish. 10 Points to whoever picks the mis-translated word. [quicktime][/quicktime]

Summer of Joel Part 1

Most of my early summer days in Cochabamba were spent with Joel, because we both lived on the school grounds and neither of us had any other friends. Joel was an adventurer, and as such had plenty of GI Joes & Micro Machines, a New Zealand Passport and a 70cc raging beast of a Honda Motorbike with a peeling Rolling Stones sticker.

Site Tagline Poll

At the moment, the site has rotating taglines, (the text below the title) which I made up while over-tired one night. If we were to go to something more permanent, like a logo image, which would be your favourite? If they all suck, stick ideas in the comments.

International Schooling: You’re doing it wrong.

Studying at an International School has its drawbacks. For one thing, there’s no standard curriculum. You get whatever the teacher at the time deems appropriate learning. Being an Australian citizen, naturally I got American History. I had an English teacher for Science, and a Kiwi teacher for English. You can blame her for the poor writing on this blog.