The Journey makes us stronger.

The trouble with the whole missionary situation is that, by default, the mission field is always a zillion miles from home. Pastor’s Kids get it easy in this regard. Their dad drives to work. Ours took 5 separate flights of varying length and comfort (I take that back. The comfort was non-existent)¬†over 12 different timezones and dragged us along for the ride.

3rd World Athletics

When I was a kid I was like, super fast. No one in my age group could beat me on the track. ‘Track’ is an appropriate use of the term because I’m sure goats used it at some stage. No, it wasn’t that bad. We had a field, with grass and everything.

Welcome to MK Tales!

Welcome to MK Tales, home to MK’s that survived the journey and lived to tell the tale. As a Missionary Kid, you’re pretty much an acronym from the word go. MK*, TCK**, PK***, CL****, you name it. They slap a badge on you and shove you out into the bright light to run around blind and disoriented, bumping into things.