Site Update #2

I know everyone thinks these are boring and none of you read them, but Site Updates are my way of getting amongst the people, coming down from the magical writing place and answering all your questions. Of which there are always zero. Moving along…
  • The best part of writing for the site are the amazing comments I get each and every week.

Bolivia & Football

The relationship between Bolivia & Football is like that of Sonny & Cher, Strawberries & Cream, or Americans and Twinkies. So, in honour of the recent FIFA© World Cup® I thought I’d better do a football post. In Australia, every aussie knows they’re a sports fan because they buy big screen TVs and yell at their kids on the field every weekend.

My Brother Breaks his Arm

As mentioned previously, as a child my brother was an idiot and never felt bound by the natural laws of physics. He was always attempting to break or injure something on his person. Twice he got hit in the mouth with a swing. Another time he busted his teeth out coming off a skateboard.

The Bolivian Yo-Yo Craze of 1990

In 1990, the Bolivian arm of Coca-Cola, obviously floundering financially in a nation where only 99.9% of the 5 Million residents were swilling their product, decided to spur sales through aggressive marketing. Never-before-seen tactics in the 3rd world. Bolivian Coke was cheaper than milk and contained less cow bits. It also had sugar & bubbles, lasted longer than a day in the fridge and didn’t taste like cow hair.


Sorry normal people, but this tale will really only appeal to nerds and only male ones at that. For everyone else, I give you gardening. I know on some level that’s discriminatory, but I guess in the end I can’t force you to read something else. When we weren’t wasting our teenage lives in front of someone richer’s various Nintendo systems, we were wasting our pocket money at the Arcades.

Second Impressions

I imagine for some Missionary Kids, moving away from their home country and leaving all their friends and family must be an horrific experience. I say imagine, because I honestly can’t remember whether mine was or not. It could have been the drugs dad plied us with. Some more of the things I can remember from those early weeks of being a Missionary Kid…
  • Our House(s).

Oliver Stone’s South of the Border

Looks like the rumors were true. I’d heard Oliver Stone had been in Bolivia talking to Evo and other South American Leaders. Now he’s releasing a documentary about his trip entitled ‘South of the Border.’ Synopsis from the official Site: There’s a revolution underway in South America, but most of the world doesn’t know it.

Chris Dies at Camp

Americans love camps. It’s like their national pastime or something. When they’re not eating individual portions designed for entire Catholic families or shooting each other under the loving embrace of the Bill of Rights,* they go on camps. Americans have camps for everything. Summer Camps, High School camps, Wilderness Camps. Girl Scout Camps.


Weddings in Bolivia were very festive affairs. They were pretty much just an excuse to have a giant feast and invite around 1000 relatives and the mutant fly-man. I’m sure many of them were days long. Such was the case with Juan. He was one of the groundsmen at school. Roy (Joel’s dad) was lucky enough to be godfather for Juan’s wedding.

Summer of Joel Part 2

We continue our ‘Summers of Joel’ series.  Some of the other stuff we did, back in the days when men were men… and wanted nothing to do with us:
  • Shoot things. Joel had a American Daisy Pellet gun. I had some Brazilian air rifle thing that could kill a man or tiny horse at 100 paces.

McDonald’s comes to Bolivia. Leaves.

For a short period before returning home to Australia, I was part of Cochabamba’s Mac Club. I’m not proud of it. For those with social lives, girlfriends and healthy tans from time spent outdoors, it was in fact a club for Apple Macintosh enthusiasts. I felt sorry for any Windows clubs around town, because they must have been so NERDY.