Welcome to MK Tales, home to MK’s that survived the journey and lived to tell the tale. As a Missionary Kid, you’re pretty much an acronym from the word go. MK*, TCK**, PK***, CL****, you name it. They slap a badge on you and shove you out into the bright light to run around blind and disoriented, bumping into things. No one really understands much about MK’s; scientific research so far has been lacking and results sparse. If you’re trying to gain an understanding about MK’s, well, good luck with that. This site won’t help. It will however, make you laugh. Some CRAZY stuff went on when we were growing up, and we lived to talk about it. The scars are fading and all the band-aids are coming off. Enjoy! To begin with, you’ll mostly be hearing for me, but hopefully over time more surviving MK’s will come out of the woodwork (or straight jackets) and share their experiences. I’m now 30 and turned out alright. Sometimes, even for days at a time, the eye twitch will go away.


*Missionary Kid
**Third Culture Kid
***Pastor’s Kid
****Crazy Loco

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