The Outsiders

At every school there has always existed the expanse separating the cool kids from the losers. The dividing wall constructed from perfect DNA and wealthy parents, segregating the Rob Lowes and Tom Cruises of the world from the pond scum. I was wedged firmly in the latter camp, with nary a chance of ever migrating to the former.

Site News

My apologies for not writing as much these days. Life has gotten significantly busier since back in the days when the site got started. A couple of changes: I love the site’s new theme, and I have to congratulate Harry and the team at Theme Trust for making much better WordPress themes than the rest of the world.

Sucre and Potosí

I realise I’ve let the team down somewhat, in that I haven’t covered in detail much of Bolivia’s other cities and locales of interest. Obviously, I won’t start today, but at least a couple will get a mention. A few years in, on yet another one of Dad’s character-building exercises, we endured a family trip to Sucre and Potosí.