So much has happened in the past month it’s incredible! OK, well, not heaps really, if I’m honest, however…

  • I added a site logo, since the text before was kind of boring. One day I’ll get some mugs made. Sorry that we lost the random subtitles, but you idiots couldn’t vote for a single tagline you liked, and I couldn’t do both the rotating taglines and the logo at once or the mice running the wheel in the server would go on strike and I’d have to use imported cheese to get them back. So you’re stuck with the logo.
  • MK Tales now has 50 followers on Facebook! I know that sounds like basically nothing, but it’s a huge milestone in the 5 inches the site has traveled on the endless highway of life. And it’s more friends than I’ve ever had in real life, so thats nice.
  • I think I’ve got the kinks out the Twitter and Facebook updates, so from now on there shouldn’t be any more double-ups and you all think I’m just spamming you every week. You can ignore the facebook page, it really just serves as a portal to shoot you here. Become a fan and the newsfeed updates will always have the proper links to new tales.
  • Soon I’ll be starting a Photo of the Week section. Mum & Dad have a massive supply of Bolivian photos spanning the decades they were there, but wresting them from their geriatric, gnarled fingers has proved difficult. We’ll be at their place next weekend for their birthdays, so I’ll take some chloroform and pillows along.
  • No new writers yet, although Joel has threatened to send some terse words to lawyers after some of my comments. Yakety Yak Joel, Yakety Yak. I’m also always open to ideas for Polls if you guys need answers to the burning questions.

That’s the news for now. Thanks to everyone who’s following the site. I’ve had all kinds of positive comments so thank you all. It really means a lot. As always, the goal of the site is to keep everyone cherishing their upbringing, where ever it was. I will endevour to keep the hilarity coming!


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