My apologies for not writing as much these days. Life has gotten significantly busier since back in the days when the site got started. A couple of changes:

I love the site’s new theme, and I have to congratulate Harry and the team at Theme Trust for making much better WordPress themes than the rest of the world. One of the best parts of the theme is better photo integration and portfolio options. The downside though, is that these options don’t necessarily play well with the rest of WordPress, so rather then have a Photo of the Week link in the menu, which I’d have to update each week, or the current one, which takes you to the world’s longest photo page, I’ve changed photo of the week to a sidebar menu instead. This will mean nothing to most of you. The most recent Photos of the Week will till show up in the slideshow in the front page.

I’ve also changed added facebook commenting to the Tales, so you don’t have to login in each time when commenting. It will just use your facebook account to do it, which will hopefully save some time. The old commenting way will still work though, if you’re old school.

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