MK Tales has had an iPhone theme for ages now, but I’ve updated the little Homescreen icon to bring joy to the masses. That’s just how kind I am to the 10% of you getting your Tales fix on your Apple device.  There’s also an annoying amazing little popup reminding you at add MK Tales to your homescreen. It should only show up once a month or so, and is made by much smarter people than I. Down the track it should also disappear for good once the icon is safe and sound on your front page, next to Angry Birds and Twitter.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Update

  1. Wonderful! I am an absolute iPhone addict! I rely on it for everything – so its contents are backed up in several places…..! Thank you for iPhone theme for MK Tales – two favourite things linked together!

  2. I happen to use my iphone for everything too! But how do I get this marvelous little MKTales icon for my phone? It’s not at the itunes app store – at least I couldn’t find it.

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